20 ways to Celebrate

1. Get a car wash from your local car wash.

2. Make a commitment to your car and let a professional clean it.

3. Donate old clothes, recycle bottles, and get rid of all trash and anything that doesn’t belong inside your car.

4. Volunteer to hand wash somebody else car that’s a random stranger.

5. Write your Congressman or Governor and ask that he/she support National Car Wash Day in your state.

6. No eating in your car for the entire day.

7. Have a safety check of your car to make sure it’s safe and clean to drive.

8. Take some before and after photos of your car and post them on our Facebook page.

9. Buy an official National Car Wash Day product and sport it proudly!

10. Assist an ill or elderly neighbor by cleaning their car for them.

11. Commission a custom portrait painted of your cat.

12. Buy your car a fun new item…Seat covers, Floormats, air freshen, aftermarket item!

13. Give your car a him/her car name.

14. Post pictures with hashtag #NationalCarWashDay #Cleancarchallenge #Bentleybrandon

15. Vacuum your car to eliminate excess dirt or wipe dust

16. No smoking in your car

17. Tell a friend to get their car wash

18. Put tire shine on your tires

19. Hire a professional photographer for a cool photo shoot.

20. Have a National Car Wash Day party and invite all your friends and their cars!