National Car Wash Day July 14

We think cars are the greatest thing in the world…but especially when they are clean.

There are so many cars on the road commuting daily from point A to point B that
make this marvelous day, rule the world, every year…

It’s officially National Car Wash Day

July 14

No matter where you live in the world. Your car is designed to fill all your traveling commands.

But our personal lifestyle can affect our inner and outer appearance of our car.

Cars Drive The World. From…birth to death.

What We Believe

We believe that every car is luxury and should be safe, cleaned, as FAMILY.

We believe that cars are very important on the planet.

We believe that life just isn’t the same without a clean car in it.

We believe in car washing as it helps maintain the up-keep to your vehicle and remove all dirt and debris that’s build up on your car every day.

We believe in regularly cleaning of your car to reduce any accident, damages or distraction to other drivers.

We believe that no matter what type of car you own, or how ever many cars you own. Being a car owner is a precious gift and a responsibility of one should not be taking lightly. Please make sure you can properly care for a car before you commit to driving it on the opening roads.

What We Do

We encourage all drivers in the world to wash their cars every July 14th. We live to celebrate clean cars and help encourage drivers to keep them regularly clean. Through our large social media & press platform, all year long we’re able to partake in the service of clean cars. We educate literally millions all year long but on July 14th…. it’s party time!

We encourage you to spoil your car little more on National Car Wash Day than any other day (you don’t want to get behind on pampering your car do you?) by washing and thoroughly cleaning the inside, giving them something simply scrumptious to eat, offering LOTS more cuddling and making a donation to your local shelter in their honor. The best way you can celebrate though is to clean your car! So if you can…. CAR WASH…. don’t stop. Estimates reveal that there are approximately 400 million-1 billion cars on the road every year worldwide. Often cars are overlooked and under-appreciated because they don’t usually receive credit for making our lives less stressful. But clean cars still brings smiles and brighten your day, and offer faster, more comfortable commute. Which means Your Vehicle is an extension of YOU!

Who We Are

 For starter, the founder “Bentley Brandon” is well known in the car wash industry. With over 20 years of professional experience helping the community and changing the world by encouraging children to help their parents with the Backseat Pledge. Bentley Brandon armed with a Guinness World Record; celebrating the lifestyle of a clean car with helping other. National Car Wash Day was founded on July 14, 2018 dedicating this day to “Bentley Brandon” his birthdate. Most importantly this day will help encourage all drivers on the importance of car washing.